Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Muskegon River trout - Sept. 13,14

Mel w/ the reward of a nice drift

After guiding out in Jackson Hole for a few weeks one might ask, "How can it get better than this?".  A valid question, true, but ohhhhh Michigan and the Mighty MO.  Playing hard to win first chair, second fiddle, not an option. The past few days would make anybody but a dry-fly prude blush, and maybe even them.  After a nice temperature downswing fish are back at it and getting sassy-fat.  While there are a couple areas that have good fish rising to caddis, pseudo's, and winged ants we have been focusing on the excellent nymph fishing.  Fish counts have been high and many holdover fish are being hooked/landed.  Mel and Joe  put the screws to em' and dialed in with the precision of an atomic clock.  The result was a crescendo fortissimo resulting in an epic battle waged to the tune of "The Last of the Mohicans" and a magnificent steelhead!  Michigan and the Mighty Mo...We hear your melody.

Joe worked hard for this one; 9' 5wt/5x/#18 ab hare's ear 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9/6/11 - Snake River, Fish Creek, and Buffalo Fork

Dan with a Monster 21" cutthroat

Gorgeous Snake River Fine-spot Cutt

Beauty w/ a beast!

The fishing the past week or so has consistently gotten better.  The water in the Jackson Hole area is clearing by the day and water levels are dropping to ideal fishing levels.  Hatches have also increased with heavy emergences of PMD's, caddis, and BWO's starting up.  Rowing the Snake has kept me on my toes because as the water levels drop some channels are becoming hard to float down.  Fishing all around has been great and many fish in the 20"(measured) category have been brought to net.  There is nothing like stalking a actively feeding monster cuttie in less than a foot of water!  And we have had quite a few opportunities to do so lately.  This is the kind of fishing that really puts your presentation skills to the test.  This coming week I will be back in Michigan for a week of trips but then back to Wyoming for another couple before Salmon and Fall Steelhead kicks in back in Michigan.  Too many fish too little time.
Will with a hard earned selective sipper
Skip made it look easy 100 yards after push off
Greg w/ a nice one on a father/son float