Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big things can come attached to little packages – 4/30/13

It never ceases to amaze me. Strange things happen while fishing the MO. Today was no different. After catching a few steelhead I noticed the “twitch”. In response I asked John if there was something he needed to tell me. I’ve fished with John long enough to see he couldn’t hold back the urge to trout. I asked again,”do you want to fish for trout?” He didn’t speak, he just shook his head “Yes”.  We did. He started out catching a few nice trout, and then rolled a hog brown. Took a few deep breaths and resumed fishing. Not long after he hooks a nice steelhead….did I mention he was fishing a 8 1/2 ft  3wt!!! Despite all the misinformation, John man-handled the steelhead in about the same time it would take the average angler to land a steelie on an 8wt. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he has fought a few large fish. What a blast!


Jay Allen, Riverquest guide

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perfect day steelhead – 4/29/13





Today started out with a bang and just kept on going. It was so nice to be warm in the boat and comfortable after all of the cold rainy days recently. Many battles were fought. Some won, some lost. Enjoyed the great fishing and company. Thanks guys!


Dave with a great hen that didn’t come in easy


Big smiles and hard pulls were the order of the day; Charlie w/ a brute

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Muskegon River Waterworld – 4/9/13

The only thing missing today was Kevin Costner flying up the river on an outdated seadoo.  I’ve made it a point to quit complaining about the rain.  That said, today was a short one but John and Gregg were able to get in and out, making it happen.  Soggy clothes, not soggy spirits.

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


Gregg holding a bit of sunshine


John found this beauty on a deep bubble line

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Muskegon River Deluge – 4/8/13

Today might have ranked as one of the wettest days I’ve spent on the water.  Rain fell most of the day and real hard at times.  Undaunted, however, Paul and Jason fished well and were rewarded w/ some nice fish.  We can always hope for a drier tomorrow.

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


rain couldn’t stop Paul from bringing this bruiser to the net


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Friday, April 5, 2013

Muskegon River Steelhead – 4/5/13

Had a great time on the river w/ friends Dennis and Jim from PA.  Weather was near perfect and more bright fish continue to show up!  Had some good battles won and a few that ended a with lessons learned.  Looking forward to another day on the water tomorrow.


Muskegon River Bling!


After surviving an aerial assault Jim bags a nice buck


Jay Allen, Riverquest guide

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