Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Texas Wishes are BIG

A few years back I had the chance to guide Mike and Paula in Jackson Hole. It was summertime, the weather perfect, fishing on the Snake. As the day went on they asked about fishing in Michigan and I said they should give our Steelhead a try sometime. Last winter Paula called to book a trip on the MO over Thanksgiving as a birthday surprise for Mike(if any women are reading this take note; coolest wife props for this maneuver). I was excited about the chance to fish with them again. They brought some friends from Texas with and I got to fish with Mike and Roger(his wife surprised him too for his b-day!) for a couple days. Neither of them had caught a Steelhead, a problem we had to resolve. Somewhere along the Mike said “it sure would be nice to see some snow while we are fishing in Michigan”, and on cue the heavens opened up the night they got in. The morning of our first day snow blanketed the ground and the beauty was surreal. Big flakes coming down and big Steelhead coming to the boat. Two days of snow and winter weather didn’t stop these Texans from enjoying the days on the water. What a contrast to the first time we fished together on the Snake…

Jay Allen, Riverquest Guide


Mike’s fly-fishing experience came in handy for fighting Steelhead


a brown thrown in for variety


pulling through on the first day…Roger scores


another golden view


you expect it for a Michigan native…but Texans are tough!

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Rain or Snow – on the water

When Dan and Chad called a few weeks ago it was to reschedule a trip. It was early in the morning the day of when I got the call. Rain was pounding down near Lansing where they live. Fishing in the cold rain didn’t sound too fun. Being in the middle of a long string of trips with no days off, I wasn’t too sad. A day off. I did however question just how serious these guy were about fishing, how tough they were. Even though I had fished with Dan and his sons before they hadn’t been put to the test with weather. A few weeks later we met for the rescheduled trip and all questions of manhood were dispelled. We didn’t encounter rain but we did fill the boat with snow! In between fish I had to shovel the boat out! We had a great time and in the end had a great memory of a day in the elements that was worth the effort.

Jay Allen, Riverquest Guide


Getting the camera out was a bit challenging w/ the snow flying. Dan w/ a nice one.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time to upgrade – MO steelhead

Rarely do I get to fish with someone for the first time during the winter. Usually it takes a bit of work, even coercion, to convince anglers that they need to come out for a bit of trout fishing in the winter. Not the case with Damion and Matt. This past winter I had the chance to take these two out on the river and we had a great day. Somewhere along the time on the river Damion caught a smaller “jack” steelhead on a scud. While it was a great bonus for a day of winter trout fishing, it was nothing like the fish they would encounter this fall. Nothing can really prepare you for fall steelhead and after landing their first fall steelhead I think they would agree. They both landed and lost some and in the end it was a great day.

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


I think Matt can now fully appreciate the gravity of a smooooooth drag!


this fish is probably the equivalent of adding a terabyte of ram to Damion’s winter steelie

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Sometimes you just gotta get away…

There are times we all get caught up with the business of life and forget about some of the things we really enjoy doing. Schedules fill up, children grow up(in need of our attention), life happens.  For Aaron, what was once a passion, has been put on the back burner lately, and for many good reasons. When Jon invited him to join him for a day on the water he was in. Never having caught a steelhead on the fly, he was eager to learn. And learn he did. Weather was fantastic and fishing superb, allowing Aaron, Jon, and David the chance to tangle with some real nice fish. Some call it fate, others fortune, and some chance. These guys chose to see it as God’s blessing. I agree.

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


Aaron enjoying a day on the river and first fall steelhead on the fly!


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