Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time to upgrade – MO steelhead

Rarely do I get to fish with someone for the first time during the winter. Usually it takes a bit of work, even coercion, to convince anglers that they need to come out for a bit of trout fishing in the winter. Not the case with Damion and Matt. This past winter I had the chance to take these two out on the river and we had a great day. Somewhere along the time on the river Damion caught a smaller “jack” steelhead on a scud. While it was a great bonus for a day of winter trout fishing, it was nothing like the fish they would encounter this fall. Nothing can really prepare you for fall steelhead and after landing their first fall steelhead I think they would agree. They both landed and lost some and in the end it was a great day.

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


I think Matt can now fully appreciate the gravity of a smooooooth drag!


this fish is probably the equivalent of adding a terabyte of ram to Damion’s winter steelie

via Allen Brothers

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