Sunday, July 7, 2013

going with the flow on the MO

Fishing has been interesting to say the least the past few weeks. With a biomass that might rival a megapolis the MO is hardly ever dull. Fish change feeding habits as often as women change shoes, making a day on the river always exciting. Fishing continues to be strong and I dare guess what this fall and winter will bring with such a healthy class of fish. As a preview I’ve already started to measure(accurately and quickly) fish to monitor growth…more on this later. After the hordes of fry the fish have been feeding on it appears as though they(fry drift not trout feeding) might be slowing down. Nymphing has been very productive and trout seem to be feeding ”normally”, if there is such a thing. Caddis emergences have been a bit weak but strong enough to get a good spent party at the end of the day.

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


where are we again?


Frank on the MO


Jay pick-pocketed this bow


don’t shun the skinny water




trout are cool

via Allen Brothers