Monday, March 31, 2014

snapshots from the past few days


Hayward showing off a big smile and a big hen!! Nice job!


the rain droplets on the lens speak volumes…Jim pushed through and was well rewarded


Kenny getting the edge off…I never doubted you man


“it’s no walleye, but it will have to do”…Randy finds out what steelhead are all about


Ken takes one for the team!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Bebow !!!!

It doesn’t always work out the way you want, but today was a Godsend…John had set up a fishing date for his b-day and invited his good friend Chad to join him. Needless to say things lined up and it was a day of many opportunities. Some made good and others leaving us speechless. Good company, fishing, and food. A b-day wish come true!

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


nicely colored buck for the b-day boy


the browns can’t leave John alone!


Chad got on the stick and landed this nice hen


John’s retort!


oh happy day…..

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Slushies Anyone???


It didn’t take too long for holden to get back into the groove




One of the “warmer” steelhead caught

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Monkey Business on the MO

8:30 am, 2 deg/f , and we are cruising up the MO. Steam is rolling off of the 33 deg/f water telling of arctic like conditions. Stopping periodically to remove slush that is clogging the jet intake. Man card in tow. A story that could have been told many times this winter but not by many. We love it! Mink on the banks, eagles study us from the timber, turkey forage and then nervously fly across the river…they are on to us. Steelhead emerge form the icy depths…

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


worth cold hands!


Drew making neoprenes look functional and stylish!


Lake Michigan Gem


like downtown

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

making this winter easier….

There is a distinct sense of desperation in voices of most when talking about this WINTER. To that end I say make the most of the days that are “possible” to fish. Everybody has their limits but I find that this limit can be over come by a few trout brought to net…such was the case w/ Dr. Whetzel. A week before the trip from Indy to Michigan he was determined to get here for some much needed fishing. The only thing that was going to stop him was the driving weather to and from Indiana. While the daytime high was meager, it was well worth the effort to endure a few longer sessions around the propane heater. Dodging icebergs on the river was and added thrill!

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


MO Bow???????Either way, a turbo trout


Jay certifying his 4wt for a steelhead permit!


imitation…its whats for dinner


No photo enhancement needed….


variety is the spice of life

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