Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rain or Snow – on the water

When Dan and Chad called a few weeks ago it was to reschedule a trip. It was early in the morning the day of when I got the call. Rain was pounding down near Lansing where they live. Fishing in the cold rain didn’t sound too fun. Being in the middle of a long string of trips with no days off, I wasn’t too sad. A day off. I did however question just how serious these guy were about fishing, how tough they were. Even though I had fished with Dan and his sons before they hadn’t been put to the test with weather. A few weeks later we met for the rescheduled trip and all questions of manhood were dispelled. We didn’t encounter rain but we did fill the boat with snow! In between fish I had to shovel the boat out! We had a great time and in the end had a great memory of a day in the elements that was worth the effort.

Jay Allen, Riverquest Guide


Getting the camera out was a bit challenging w/ the snow flying. Dan w/ a nice one.

via Allen Brothers

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