Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Muskegon River - Oct. 30, 2012

Josh w/ his first spey steelie!
    Today started out with a call to make sure everyone was still planning on the trip despite the bleak forecast.  John and Josh assured me they were not the kind of men to back down so we went ahead with our plans.  Started out spey fishing which was a first for both guys but they were soon casting a good measure of line.  Fished till lunch swinging and both had their chances on steelhead.  After lunch they decided to chase trout(these guys are trout fishing fanatics) and were well rewarded for their efforts; efforts that were extensive as they pushed casts into heavy winds.  Always a pleasure fishing with you two.

Jay Allen, guide

Monday, October 29, 2012

Muskegon River - Oct. 29, 2012

Paul w/ a very nice steelie that gave a magnificent fight
Steelhead continue to show themselves to those who are willing to put in the time swinging flashy flies and covering some water.  Today yielded many good pulls and several hard fighting steelhead.  Winds were not quite as bad as predicted which was a nice change to the forecast.  Lokking forward to more fish on the swing....

-Jay Allen, guide

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Muskegon River - Oct. 22, 2012

nice way to bring in the morning!

Brian had no doubt when this buck pummeled his streamer
Fished for steelhead in the morning and had some great action.  Brian and John were quick to get into fish.  Caught  steelhead and a good number of trout in the morning and then focused on salmon in the afternoon.  Its great to see steelhead showing up on a regular basis.  Another great day to be on the river.

Jay Allen, guide

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Muskegon River - Oct. 19, 2012

Carl w/ his first chromer on a two-hander!
Fished with Carl and Rick and spent the morning swinging for steelhead with spey rods.  Fishing was good and there were some crazy moments.  Carl managed to boat the fish pictured after a crusher of a hit followed by fly-line peeling off at a tremendous rate.  Carl did a great job.  Rick also had a few others firmly hooked but they managed to do what steelhead do best...get off.  Fall steelhead are amazing.

Jay Allen, guide

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Muskegon River - Oct. 16, 2012

Craig working the dark water w/ egg and indicator

Joe making it happen
Had a great couple of days with Craig and Joe.  Weather was predicted to be nasty but turned out to be pretty good overall.  Lots of hard fighting salmon and a few steelhead kept things action packed and full of surprises. 

Jay Allen, guide

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Muskegon River - Oct. 10, 2012

Bill giving his biceps a workout

Boyd w/ a beautiful fall brownie
Cold, windy, and rainy was the forecast today but spirits were high as the fish were plentiful.  We didn't get the rain but at times the wind was a bit to deal with.  Boyd and Bill did mange to make enough good casts to keep the rods warmed up for most of the day.  Good numbers of fish are on the move and we are hopeful that each day brings in a few more steelhead!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Muskegon River - Oct. 9, 2012

David happy with this well fought king

fall colors all around...awesome!

Rusty showing some muscle
Today was another great day to be on the water.  Rusty and David were fun to have in the boat and its always a pleasure to fish with guys like these two that just love to fish.  Fish were very active today and despite the heavy winds in the afternoon they managed very well. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Muskegon river - Oct. 8

Justin w/ a bow that bent his 8wt pretty good

this brute put up a great fight

Brent took this nice brown behind some active kings

Muskegon River Salmon and such - Oct. 6,7

Logan w/ an awesome brown

Sean Paul w/ a nice adrenaline fix

"That's not a salmon!" never know what lurks in the dark water

Had a great couple days with Logan, Katie, Sean Paul, and Megan.  Weather was tolerable, colors amazing, and the fishing was fantastic.  Kings are finally in at fishable numbers and nice trout and a few steelies are being caught as a bonus.  Michigan is THE place in the fall.