Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nymphing for trout????

Three days of cats-n-dogs rainy weather couldn’t stop this crew. Mel, David, and Joe stuck it out and were rewarded with some nice fish. A combination of stripping streamers and nymphing produced trout as well as a few surprise steelhead. Water levels spiking added another interesting dimension to the days on the water. Hats off to you guys and well done.

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


Surprise! they aren’t all gone yet


Mel w/ a beautiful river rainbow!


David w/ a great brown that crushed a fry pattern


soggy but spirits high


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Uncle Bruce is “back on!”

Fishing is just plain fun! This afternoon John brought out his uncle Bruce to hit the river and see what we could hook into. Maybe trout, maybe steelhead, it didn’t matter on a day as beautiful as it was. Bruce got us talking about the Michigan colors of  Spring as we motored down the river. There had to be 40 colors of green  as the forest was starting to breathe deeply, life exploding. We fished for steelhead and after hooking several, Bruce managed to land his first steelhead ever! Halfway through the fight the fish shot back at the boat and the line went slack, there was a silent moment in the boat,but then…”back on!, back on!” Bruce shouted and the fight ensued. The whole thing was so amazing it sent me to my chair doubled-over in laughter. We all got back our composure and Bruce put it in the net.  Shortly after, John finished the day nicely with a fantastic brown. We motored back to the landing satisfied and grateful.


Uncle Bruce giving a “thumbs up”, he thought it was kinda fun!!


kinda fun too!!!

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Now this is father-daughter quality time!

How refreshing it is to see youngsters  on the river with their parents. While John is no stranger to the MO, Megan only makes a few “flashy” special appearances a year. She always brings a smile and an attitude ready to fish. It’s always great to have her in the boat. Although she has fished plenty, this was the first time she had gone after steelhead and she did a great job. Of course John had to catch another steelie on his 3wt as well. Fishing was complimented by a crazy lunch prepared by chef Heather. Good fishing, good food, and great weather made the day a true pleasure.

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


Megan duked it out with this magnificent steelhead



another steelie goes down to the 3wt


might as well enjoy lunch too!






via Allen Brothers http://www.theallenbrothers.com/site/2013/05/now-this-is-father-daughter-quality-time/