Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10/1/2011 - Muskegon River Trout

John doing it right

Mike w/ a buttery brown

After a few grueling days on I-80 I find myself back floating to the cadence of the Muskegon.  It has only been a few weeks but some notable changes have been made to the salmonid community since my previous trips.  The "brutes" have ascended the river and are starting to make a few remodeling changes.  But much to my surprise/pleasure today was one last trout trip before salmon fishing really gets underway.  And catch trout is what John and Mike did!  Starting off the day with a 22" rainbow(possibly a steelie but pretty colored up) on a caddis larvae.  Weather was excellent and the fishing was steady all day with many nice fish caught and as many more eluding the net.  Water levels were up a bit so fish have moved around but were still feeding well.  Caddis activity was decent at times but when they were most active the wind was up so we decided not to fish dries.  The salmon are about to take the show here on the Muskegon but for hard core trout fisherman there are still many opportunities.

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