Thursday, January 26, 2012

guided trout trip - 1/26/12

John's good cheer seems to always drive our fluvial friends crazy! can be my friend
A fly-fishermans version of antique bronze
"that's a good fish!"
variation on a theme

Fishing today was great despite high water levels.  After the water shot up to 3,000 cfs yesterday I had my worries but John and Josh, undaunted, managed to work the slow seams and present some flies that the trout could not, or should I say would not, refuse.  Fished some attractor nymphs but once again the Muskegon River scud(gammarus scud) #16-#18 put the majority of the hurt on the boys.  That along with John's "hair-trigger" that begged to be tripped.  Woe unto the unsuspecting trout that grabs his loaded scud!   John maybe the only person I know who can give a trout whirlings disease by mechanical means.  Actually , if you've seen John on my blog before it's because he often ends up with some nice fish.  What a great day to be out; saw some nice trout caught, had reasonable winter weather, made a new friend.  My apologies to those of you who missed it.

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