Thursday, May 24, 2012

Drakes - 5/22,23/12

beauty and anticipation mosaic
wanted to squeeze this one like the horn on my banana seat bike
double your pleasure; two fish on calls for creative netting
drakes dropped early and Heather came w/ her game

trying to keep up w/ Heather

The past few nights have been great as drake activity seems to have become a bit more predictable...we hope.  Nothing like a gray drake spinner fall to let you know how many big fish live in a run.  If the fish we've seen the past few weeks are an indicator of how the season will play out, we are in for some great trout fishing!

Jay Allen, guide


  1. Had a great time with you and Don last night - thanks!

  2. Me too! Always fun fishing w/ you friend. Always looking forward to the next time we fish...btw, it had been too long.