Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sweet Endings

Went out tonight expecting drakes…ended up catching some nice fish on caddis instead. Not all bad, just different than expected. Hudson and I have been meaning to get out together for a while and finally made it happen. I told him how the drakes have been heavy but when we arrived at our first spot few drakes were to be seen. We started fishing caddis emergers and were quickly into fish. Hudson literally made one cast over a riser and he came up and sucked down the floating pupa.  The fight was on. When the fish hit the net Hudson was ecstatic. There are few rivers I’ve fished that have good fish eating caddis pupa in rhythm during mid-day. Always a sight to see. The night ended fishing to brownies sippn’ spent caddis. Top the night off with a round of Ben and Jerry’s and you’ve got a night to remember!

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


Hudson nailed this pupa eater in broad daylight..nice job!


a closer look


Hudson even let me catch a few



via Allen Brothers

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