Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dog collar for the MO

Do we ever get sick of seeing our friends/clients catch quality fish on the MO…no. The past few days the Willets family joined us at the lodge for some fantastic fishing and food. Only their second time fishing the MO and they have realized what we all know is true: the MO is amazing. While Jen only wanted to catch steelhead, Darryl was content with hooking fish that should be referred to as MR. For a trip farewell Darryl hooked into his trip fish. The teeth on “Brutus” resembled a snarling doberman! Great to see you guys again and looking forward to more memories on the MO with you.

-Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


Darryl w/ his 26.5lb junkyard dog…the only thing missing is the spiked dog collar


great job fighting and landing this chromer Jen

via Allen Brothers http://www.theallenbrothers.com/site/2013/10/dog-collar-for-the-mo/

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