Monday, December 9, 2013

The weather man will steer you wrong…

Got a call from Jack late last week who had a trip booked for the 9th. He was bringing his son-n-law Kyle with.  ”do you think we should still do the trip? Will the weather be a problem?”, is something like what he said. To which I replied,”it is fishing, but…it has been good and if you can hack the weather I think it should hold on, the only concern I have is if Kyle is hardcore enough”. At that he said,”He’s gotta learn sometime; man up or learn to golf!  I’ll see you on monday”  The problem with the weather man is that he is only worried about being comfortable. He has no passion or drive like those of us pursuing the awesome steelhead that inhabit the Muskegon River. He has no problem with looking at the nasty weather outside and could be no more excited than cozying up on the couch with his favorite pair of slippers and watching the favorite sit-com…not on my watch! We ended up having a great day on the water, lots of snow, and good conversation, as well as some exceptional steelhead. Weather man…you have no power here.

Jay Allen Riverquest guide


Kyle was patient and was rewarded w/ a fantastic 1st steelie on the fly!


When jack released this gargantuan the river level went up noticeably

via Allen Brothers

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