Monday, January 13, 2014

Hazing on the MO – Winter Trout Premier

I always feel privileged to accompany a new initiate on his/her first winter trout trip. The reactions are usually similar but with a different twist, based on each persons unique nature. It is fun to watch. Today  was one of those days. While Tom is no stranger to the MO today was his first go at winter trout. I think Josh was also eager to see his reaction to such an exciting way to experience trout. A day filled with tight lines, sunshine, good food, and laughs. A truly blessed day!

Jay Allen, Riverquest guide


Josh showing who should be doing the guiding!


even the average sized trout can blow you away


first successful trout head transplant…Tom poses w/ a 14″ trout head attached to a 18″ trout body




preparing the patient for liposuction


fishing stud


once a year we have to indulge…DNR Mystery Hold-Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Allen Brothers

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