Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Muskegon River- Jan 21,22,23

Sasquatch spotted entering woods
I had already planned to fish with my good friend and old roommate "Beaver", so when I read the forecast for the weekend I just sighed.  The weather predicted daytime highs that would not even break the 20 degree mark but he was coming and we were determined to get some fishing in. Mark has done a couple tours over in Iraq so we were due some catching up and guy time.  On friday he was supposed to get in around noon but was delayed so I decided to hit the river for a bit until he got in.  Fished down at 72nd and did pretty good considering the cold.  It gave me hope for the weekend.  Saturday and Sunday were no better for weather but we were dressed well and neither of us
"white noise" we love on the river

got cold enough to call it early.  Saturday we hit the San Juan area and the fishing was quite good.  Mark was working out the kinks since he hadn't fished for a while, but managed a few fish.  The weather changed about every hour and it was beautiful on the river.  On sunday I got up, made a pot of joe and walked outside to look at the air temperature.  The thermometer read well below 0 degrees.  I later saw the high for the day was about 12.  The wind was calm for most of the day and    

hold-overs do exist
again the fishing was good.  We ended up with around 20 fish brought to the net.  I was real surprised at our success just from the temp. standpoint.  I never took a water temp. but it couldn't have been much higher than 33.  It always amazes me how good winter trout can be.  Being out in the elements all day under such harsh conditions gives yo a great feeling when you get back home and remember the day.  It makes you feel like you've really done something.

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