Monday, February 21, 2011

Road Trip! 70's and sipp'n trout 2/13-2/16

perfect eastern brown 
 beautiful stretch with baetis eating fish

Greg with a WOW! rainbow

Just got back from a breath of fresh air.  Greg and I went down to TN to mix some business with pleasure. We had a couple great afternoons on the S. Holston River near Bristol TN.  If you have never fished this river make a point to.  The fish get hatches year-round and when there is an emergence you can be sure they will be sipp'n them.  We ran into both baetis(size 18-20) and gray midges(size 20-22).  When the fish weren't eating them on the surface the were subsurface.  Fished an A.B. Blacktail baetis and A.B. gray midge pupa to catch them subsurface.  It was so nice to be there when there was a shot of warm weather.   The fishing was made that much better by the warm sun hitting the river as we fished.  Didn't catch any monsters but a lot of solid,  beautiful  wild browns, and colored rainbows

                                                                 golden hues on a warm sunny day

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  1. Love it! Need to get down to that place again. One trip and I was a lifetime believer in that river!

    I still remember hooking 15 fish in an hour on a stretch of pockmarked riverbed that averaged 12" deep and I rarely saw a fish before lifting up on it. Masters of camouflage!