Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Muskegon River Steelhead Feb. 2, 2011

nice bright fish on a clown egg

Met up with Bob and Drew and hit the river at about 11:00 am on Monday.  The plan was to fish only for steelhead, so everyone(except me) left trout rods in the car.  This was a good thing because if we had all brought trout rods we would have been seduced at some point by a nice looking trout run and would have missed out on some nice steelhead.  Fished our way up from Thornapple boat launch and had  good success. We fished eggs and leach-type patterns with most of the fish taking leaches.  We mostly fished chuck-n-duck since we were looking for fish we could hook with clients.  Water clarity was good but levels are starting to get in the "low" mode.  Right now finding fish means moving around a lot and fishing areas you have a pretty good idea there are fish present.
Bob with a nice one caught on a fly of alien origin

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