Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Muskegon River guided trip 3/6 - Steelhead/Trout combo

Jim with a hog
John with his first steehead...not bad!
It was very brisk to start the morning and blue skies looked as if they were going to stay.  Low, clear water as well let us know we had our work cut out.  Jim Geise had booked a trip to treat his good fishing buddy John Bebow and wanted to fish for both trout and steelhead.  When he asked to fish for trout as well he didn't mean catching a couple trout by accident while steelhead fishing.  Jim made the right call.  Started fishing for steelies right off while the light was low but no takers.  As soon as the sun got high we switched over to trout and things warmed up quickly.  The Muskegon River scud went to work and by the time we decided to switch back to steelheading they had boated well over 30 nice trout...but who's counting.

Another shot of John's steelhead
One of many nice trout 

solid, colorful bow
Jim with a quality rainbow
Made our way down from Pine Street boat launch and finished up the day with a steelhead each!  Couldn't get much sweeter.  Well, maybe it could.  When Jim had booked the trip he told me that John had never caught a steelhead he would love it if he could.  John's fish was the last one of the day.  All of this on top of a couple of fly nuts that were fun to be around, truly enjoy being on the river, and would have had a great time if we had only caught chubs.  The way fly-fishing is supposed to be.
heavy winter brown


  1. Nice! Jealous! Missing the Mighty-Mo right about now.
    What's up with that net! Did you guys get hit by a "shrink-ray"? I think you could net a shark with that thing - ha!

  2. Ok, I have to add this one because Jeffey had to scrutinize so poignantly and it made me laugh...Kirk saw his comment and said "daddy, can you swing me again" Laugh it up guy's! I happen to like Greg's net. Comes in real handy when you measure em' in pounds!