Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muskegon River guide trip 3/7 - Steelhead and Trout combo

Dennis with one of his first steelhead ever, not bad!

The more people request these combo trips in the winter the more I like them.  They just make sense.  Fish both low light periods for steelhead(when they are most active) and fish for trout the rest of the time.  It amazes me how many people plug away for steelhead all day long and miss the great trout fishing that is right in front of them.  I picked up Dennis Goertzen at the Gray Drake at about 9:00 am  and headed out to the river.  This was his first time fly-fishing(he said it was on the bucket list) and the trip was given to him from his wife for Christmas.  Nice gift!  Being his first time he said he would like to do whatever made sense.  We had talked about steelheading so we decided to go for both.  Started with a quick tutorial on casting a steelhead rig and proceeded to move into the run suspected of holding a few steelhead.  A half and hour later Dennis had five fish that were hooked and two that were landed.  One of which was a 9 lb buck with magnificent color.  After things cooled off the sun was getting higher in the sky so we decided to start retooling for trout.  Dennis picked up the basic mechanics of casting with the lighter trout rod and he was soon into his first trout.  The wind was very reasonable and the sunlight we had was a welcome warmth, a truly beautiful winter day.  Took a couple seine samples near Pine Street boat ramp and in a word it was SCUDTASTIC.  As my buddy Kirk said the other day "scuds are like popcorn to the trout".  Continued to fishing for trout until about 3:00 pm and then started making our way down the river to hit a few steelhead runs to finish the day.  Dennis hooked two more steelhead and landed one to finish the day.  Three steelhead and a dozen or so nice trout...not too bad for his first time out!
another beautifully colored  fish

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