Friday, February 4, 2011

Muskegon River Trout - Feb. 2

hand painted winter trout
Well, at this point I feel my blogs on the Mo.  are starting to sound redundant, but I've yet to get sick of good days on the water.  The winter fishing is just about as good and predictable as an angler could hope.  It is not without its challenges but all in all it is usually, and has been lately, very good.  As I've mentioned before, finding the fish is the most difficult part of winter fishing but once you've become familiar with a couple spots you've got it made.  Part of finding the fish is also a positive outlook that at any time you are going to hit the mother load.  You can spend an hour or two combing a likely area and start fishing sloppy just when you've waded up to a killer spot and never know it because your drift stinks right when you need it most... But alas! This blog is different.
17" jack steelie caught on #18 mo. scud
I fished down from Pine and caught a 17" steelie along with about 31 trout.  All the fish came on a Muskegon scud and the steelie ate a size 18!  The fish were in typical winter lies but also in a few peculiar areas.  About 10 or so of the fish came out of 1-1.5 ft water.  I thought I would just make a couple casts to the shallows and was shocked at how many fish were feeding there.  The water was shallow and slow right off of a couple gravel bars.  Water just dark enough to make to fish comfortable.  It was a spot I just thought I would try and it was a nice surprise.  Caught more rainbows than browns.

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